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Unique Storytelling
Connecting the past, with the present and future

As locals we are proud of our city and we love to tell you more about all that Amsterdam has to offer. Get to know the Amsterdam culture and the city's rich history. We make this history more relevant by connecting those stories to the present and exciting future of Amsterdam.

Local offerings
We only serve local food and beverage brands

We are dedicated to provide you with a truly local experience. As such we source our food and drinks as local as possible. These Amsterdam based brands boast refreshing flavours, fun backstories, and consideration for planet and people. We look forward to serve them and tell you all about it.

Good for planet and people
We care about the world, and help improve it

We find that businesses have a responsibility to care about its environment and if every business. We are in the process of becoming 100% plastic free, zero waste and carbon neutral. Together with you, we improve the world.

Let's go!

Sit back and relax.


This small boat features a spacious interior with a wooden table for your delicious food and beverages.


Cushions, blankets and even a sundeck. Comfortably discover the city. Recline and chill like never before!



Private cruise

per hour
Minimum 1.5 hours

The electric engine ensures a relaxed and quiet cruise

Light snacks included

A hospitable and knowledgeable captain

Onboard bar with local and sustainable minded drinks


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