Companies have a responsibility to make the world a better place.

We are convinced that businesses are in the ideal position to improve the environment and the lives of less fortunate people.


Our initiatives

Taking out CO2 from the atmosphere

2.5% of all our boat trip sales go to programs taking CO2 from the atmosphere. We partake in mangrove tree planting programs and Direct Carbon Capture programs.


Donating to charity

2.5% of all our boat trip sales go to a charity you choose! After each tour, you'll get an email wherein you get to choose one of three charities, recognized by GiveWell for their effectiveness: Malaria Consortium, Hellen Keller, GiveDirectly.

Obtaining Certificaiton

We are in the process of adopting the Climate Neutral Group Certification and the B. Corporation certification, we can assure our initiatives are contributing to a better world.


Locally Sourced Products

We partner with source their ingredients and produce their products as nearby as possible in Amsterdam.

Zero plastic

We commit to having no plastics onboard. All our packaging is reusable and made for durability.


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